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Don’t fuck with my love.

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Ed Sheeran’s song for The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack!
This is so perfect

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"Bloodstream" - Ed Sheeran

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Give Me Love layered FOUR times over itself, alternating in each ear. Enjoy the eargasm. (Download/SoundCloud)

1,175 plays Rather Be // Wicked Games The 1975 Live Lounge

I would wait forever, exulted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat.

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Menswear - The 1975

I really want to start sharing more music - songs that really mean something to me.

Some songs just enchant you. Not all of them though. That’s some tacky shit, but it’s when you are first getting to know them and they literally lift you somehow. There is a certain something. It’s so difficult to explain, and although the feeling fades after a while, you always remember the songs that made you feel that way. The beginning of this song does that, it’s almost haunting. 

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Listening to right now

The 1975 - Robbers

This song is so touching. I find The 1975’s lyrics extremely realistic and vulnerable, this song to me is a dirty realist number, it’s message, it’s plot if you might, is so truthful and so dirty at the same time i think its brilliance in a song.

Suicide, depression, murder whatever it really means, it will leave you slightly breathless.

I suggest with anything by The 1975 listen while reading the lyrics at the same time, because as much as his voice is amazing you can barely understand him.

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The 1975 // HNSCC

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The 1975 - fallingforyou

When the smoke is in your eyes,
you look so alive,
do you fancy sitting down with me?


I adore you, Matthew Healy.

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little bird // ed sheeran

and of all these things i’m sure of
i’m not quite certain of your love
you make me scream, and then i made you cry
when i left that little bird with its broken leg to die

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black treacle // arctic monkeys

does it help you stay up late?
does it help you concentrate?
does it tune you in when you chew your chin?
am i ruining your fun?

We'll Be Okay - Imaginary Future Original - YouTube


I can’t get enough of him.

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